Sous vide cooking is all about the vacuum sealing your food and cooking it at the right temperature. There are many recipes made available online that a beginner cook can learn from such as Sous Vide Wizard. But when it comes to finding out what’s the ideal sous vide temperature for every dish, the answer is, each type of food have their own temperature to cook with.

You cannot use one level of temperature for all types of meals as it could result in food that is cooked too fast or food that didn’t even manage to cook. Eggs and steak are a great example of how cooking temperatures work for sous vide. For example, if you’d like to soft cook an egg, you’ll need to bring the water bath temperature between 147 to 167 Fahrenheit at a minimum of 15 and maximum of 18 minutes. This allows you to create the optimum “doneness” of the eggs. You can also do this with regular boiling but with sous vide machine, it makes cooking much more convenient.

Furthermore, the thickness of a type of food affects the cooking process. It takes a minimum of 3 hours to cook a ribeye that is 2 inches thick at 134 Fahrenheit or higher.  But this is the recommended temperature for the best results. You can also experiment on different levels yourself. Also, it is recommended as well that leaner and tougher cuts of meat get a longer cooking time in order to tenderize them.

As nearly everyone who uses sous vide has mentioned, it is quite difficult to get sous vide cooking wrong. Getting started with sous vide cooking isn’t very hard. Give yourself 15 minutes in setting up and studying the steps and you’ll be a great chef in no time.

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