A Computerized Dry Cleaning System

Because so many tasks and processes need to be carried out on a massive scale, and quite quickly too, it is necessary to turn to computerized programs. Today, so many industries, both heavy duty and on the smaller scale, are reliant upon these. The commercial dry cleaning business would be one such industry. The dry cleaners computer based system is quite a powerful dry cleaning management software based option that carries many of the advantages required for a heavily commercialized industry.

It encourages the scaling down of costs for the industrial user. It is a flexible system that can be installed to a central plant location as well as multiple locations. Components used in the computerized dry cleaning system include the computer terminal, its display screen, a barcode scanner and an invoice printer. It also includes rails, hooks and number slots. Barcodes produced are heat sealed into the clothes being dry cleaned at its mark in stage. When an item of clothing is scanned, a monitor clearly indicates a slot number.

dry cleaners computer

This number gives an indication where the clothing item is to be hanged once dry cleaned. Once the garment is completely dry cleaned, the computer’s own voice will announce this over speakers or the user’s headphones. The computer screen also stores customer information; such as customer name, clothing item description, mark in instructions and a list of previously recorded completed invoices. 

The computerized system encourages point of sale (POS) solutions that allow transactions to be processed a lot easier. Software mapping will allow for users’ specific requirements to be addressed. The system put in place is also secure. All operations usual to the dry cleaning business, no matter what its scale and client base, can be streamlined.  Industrial customers can now enjoy benefits of assembly systems at reduced costs.