I have been using a Aion degree guides to generate my leveling simpler since I started my experience over Atreia’s world. I don’t use manuals once I play with an MMO but because the levels in this game are hard, this was a good idea. Not just the Aion degree guides helped me along with my progress, I learned a couple of things to quicken the XP of a character.

Therefore, I will share a couple of hints for leveling, here:

  • Do quests. This is a great way. Have shown me several well made questing routes that helped me attaining an XP increase.

  • Do everything possible to maintain your character’s stats maximized. For this, use fans, manastones, foods, of the stigmas, potions, elixirs, gear or anything that could give you a good survivability plus also a good killing spree.

  • If careers will interfere with the leveling up a bit, do not abandon them. Taking the professions for your personality is a great supply of Kinah from the start. The level guides that I’ve been utilizing helped me skill them up together with the leveling of my toon and pick the best combinations of livelihood.

  • Flight is important getting the most of every cool down of your wings sensibly, will enhance your XP speed.

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