A recent article published by the Huffington post reflected studies conducted to analyze if dogs are able to understand humans. With the use of fMRI scanners, researchers were able to measure the brain activity to further determine if a connection between expressions and brain activity of subjects could be established. Among the recordings was the use of Hungarian expressions, used to test dog owners for praising”, was used with vocal intonations of someone who would use to praise pets. In addition to this neutral words were also played during the scan.

It was concluded that dogs registered a positive result when spoken to in the praising tone. This proves to some extent that dogs can not only differentiate what we say and how we say it, but also combine the two to form a correct interpretation to form an underlying meaning. However, the results do not prove necessarily that dogs are able to understand the precise meaning of all words familiar to them.

On another note, it is worth noting that the study does hint that they can distinguish between the words that have previously heard of before and those not previously heard. An example of a breed of puppy for sale Singapore  is prominent for is the Shih Tzu and Poodle. The poodle Singapore is known to favor can be bought from breeders at pet stores or from organizations such as Adopt a dog Singapore. Many pet stores put up a puppy for sale Singapore citizens would later notice. Certain dog breeds are known to be rather intelligent such as poodles, known for their history of being bred in Germany to hone their ability to utilize their intelligence to track scents. Dogs that can be bred and trained are a testimony to their ability to communicate and to some extent, understand the emotions and instructions conveyed by their owners.

In conclusion, the study found that dogs may not be able to find the difference in certain words but they are able to differentiate meaningful and meaningless words.