So you’ve put the approximate date of when you will get married. Now you just need to find that all important venue. Begin by asking around any friends, family or work colleagues if they could suggest a wonderful place for you to look at. I think when my husband and I were trying to find a wedding place we looked at about 6 unique places.

When you haven’t set a date as to when you’re going to get married, then you might want to think about getting married in a different time of day rather than on a Saturday. Saturday day or on a Saturday night are generally far more expensive. I’ve heard of some places giving discounts if you have your wedding throughout the week. Always check with the suggested venue, what days are less popular and in case you really enjoy the venue and can’t get the day or date you want, then think about booking on a day that’s not as popular. Also think about a less popular time of year also.

This will help to remove any wedding places which are too pricey for your budget. Have a scout around the regional area to determine what places are available. In addition, you need to discover a place that fits your personality and tastes. If you’re in the country, you might come across a place that’s in an old barn and have your dfw wedding venues .

If you realize that you don’t wish to get married in a church, you may always decide to get married in a great garden or on the beach somewhere. My mum’s pastor of her church married my husband and me from the backyard at our wedding reception place, so that way that the guests did not have to go to the reception. Getting your ceremony and reception in the same venue can save yourself some money as you don’t need to decorate two places.

When you’re looking at each of the proposed wedding places, take notes of everything you like and don’t like on every place. Ask if you can take photos of the venue, if you’re not allowed then request a brochure. Can they have guest lodging?

In addition, you need to think about how large the venue is and the number of guests you want on inviting to the wedding. When you’re looking round each venue check what the parking is like also.