The advances in technology have provided various benefits to today’s society. As a result, it has also opened opportunities for dangerous people to further their dangerous agendas. The digital age has brought harassment to frightening new level through cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is simply defined as harassing or threatening online users under an anonymous disguise. Due to the ability to remain anonymous on the internet, more and more online predators are encouraged to perform these horrendous acts of crime. Fortunately, there are always ways to protect yourself on the internet.

Social media platforms are being used more commonly these days as it has made information sharing more convenient. However, it has also become more dangerous with most people posting their email address, phone numbers, or even their home address without a second thought. This makes it way to easy for stalkers to steal your information and use it to harass you, or worse, hack into your personal accounts. As much as possible, never post your phone numbers online as it can be used to get various information about you through phone number lookup services. It is possible that information such as your home address and information about your relatives is leaked.

Always make your password as unique as possible. Stalkers try various methods to hack into their victim’s accounts, and passwords are the first line of defense. This is why it has to be complex and strong. If you have shared your password with a lover before, it would be wise to change it after you have left the relationship as they might use this information to get back at you.

Online stalkers can easily hold you hostage if they obtain important information about you and use it as leverage. Thus, you can avoid becoming a victim of cyber stalking by being cautious about what information you post online. Only by staying vigilant on the internet can you prevent unwanted attention from online stalker.