Cycling is a  popular favorite outdoor sport. Whether it’s pedaling your problems away or getting in touch with nature, there will always be chances where you’ll accidentally hurt yourself after a long bike ride and to counter them, here are some of the ways to avoid common road cycling injuries.

  1. Lower Back Pain

This happens during prolonged rides in one position, which gives stress throughout the whole spine. Lower back pain can be avoided by having the bike set up properly to suit your frame and prevent a hunched posture while riding. Start by warming up from head to toe, include your lower limbs and spine to reduce the chances of back pain.

  1. ITB (Iliotibial Band) Syndrome

The ITB syndrome is a common injury that occurs in the knee and has affected cyclists due to the effects of constant knee bending and straightening while cycling. ITB happens when riding a low-quality bike set. Setting the height of the saddle to allow minimal knee bend as the pedal reaches to the bottom is ideal for preventing ITB, as the ITB starts from the hip to the outer knee. Consider upgrading to a better road bike by going to to prevent major uncomfortable injuries as you go.

  1. Foot Numbness

Foot numbness does not only happen in cold weather, but ill-fitting shoes contribute the most to the problem. Having shoes that are too big or too small for you can cause stress to the ball of the foot especially during hill rides. Ensure that you are getting the right fit for cycling shoes and check that the pressure is correctly focused around the sole of the foot.

There are other cycling injuries to be aware of, but have yourself to learn and understand the basic posture and precautions before going for a long distance will greatly help in speeding recovery processes for a next ride.