Art has played a big part in defining culture among various forms and businesses. It can be express in many different terms and context based on the creator’s perspective. In the luxurious country of Dubai, various forms of arts can be seen displayed in its hotels. For example, the Rove Downtown Hotel in Dubai has established itself as a full-fledged art hotel which displays its designs in a unique manner. To produce such fascinating design of arts for the hotel, a company was known as Capsule Arts has collaborated with the hotel as their art consultant. The exposure of arts in the hotel business has created a more competitive economy in terms of art businesses. This results in the opening of art consultancy firms around the country, hoping to secure a partnership with local and international businesses to further expand their company. For example, Ophelia Art Consultancy which acts as a hotel art consultant to various hotels around Dubai such as Palazzo Versace, La Ville, W Hotel and The Ritz Carlton. It has taken art consultancy Dubai to an international level by working with international companies.

Although it may be difficult to match up with big art firms which are collaborating and offering their artwork Dubai to hotel businesses, an event which is hosted yearly known as World Art Dubai creates opportunities for freelance artists to display and sell their artworks to local and international companies as well as art lovers. This allows people from around the world to experience the definition of artwork Dubai. Furthermore, Art Dubai also allows the public to participate in their Creative Art Talks and Creative Workshops to educate and expose them to different aspects of art.

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