Insomnia can be a real pain in the neck especially if you’re experiencing all sorts of discomfort from an unpleasant pillow. Having terrible sleep can lead to loss of performance to carry out daily chores and task. Not only that, lack of proper sleep can also trigger health issues and medical condition, and the culprit is always often the poor choice bedding and pillows.

If you haven’t heard of a bamboo pillow, then it’s about time that you do right now. A bamboo pillow is like any other pillow meant to be used for sleeping, but the unique difference is that bamboo pillows are made with a viscose outer shell that is made out of bamboo, and also shredded foam strategically stuffed into the pillows to bring you comfort like you’ve never felt before. Bamboo pillows were made to support the shape of your head as you sleep as the bamboo viscose has the higher ability in supporting the weight of a person’s head which improves a person’s sleeping pattern as well.

Bamboo pillows reviews have shown that the best bamboo pillows  are light, breathable and soft which makes it a great choice to be used during summer weather where sweating is inevitable. Also, as the pillow contains antimicrobial properties that help to remove allergens and bacteria for a cleaner and healthier sleeping experience.

However, like all good things, there’s always a catch. New customers who are not used to bamboo pillows will often complain about the strong smell that comes off the bamboo-viscose. This chemical smell will be reduced over time with use. Furthermore, cleaning bamboo pillows takes longer than a regular pillow as it requires thorough drying to prevent from having a musty smell that usually comes from clothes that are not dried well.

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